Terms and Conditions

General conditions for donations and contributions to the Circle of Friends of the Charlie Chaplin Museum Foundation

  1. Scope of application
  • These Terms and Conditions apply between the
    Circle of Friends of the Charlie Chaplin Museum Foundation
    Rte de Fenil 6
    1804 Corsier-sur-Vevey
    Phone: +41 (0)79 622 90 83
    an association under Swiss law recognised as being of public utility by the Vaud tax authorities (hereinafter: “Association”), and natural and legal persons who make donations on the website www.charliechaplinmuseumfoundation.com (hereinafter: “donors”) or directly to the association’s bank account.
  • The General Terms and Conditions apply in the version in force on the date of the transfer of the donation.
  • The general terms and conditions of the association shall apply at all times and exclusively. The donor expressly accepts these general terms and conditions by transferring the donation or membership fee. Donation conditions that are contrary to or deviate from these general terms and conditions of the association are not recognised, unless the association has expressly and individually agreed to them in writing.
  • The association reserves the right to modify these general conditions at any time.
  1. Purpose and conclusion of the contract
  • There are two ways to make a donation/contribution:
  • In the form of a one-off donation to the association in the amount selected or entered by the donor in the input mask, which is recognised as a tax-deductible donation by the Swiss cantonal tax authorities.
  • In the form of a non-taxable annual fee, which provides the donor with the services defined on the website www.charliechaplinmuseumfoundation.com. The membership fee is automatically renewed from year to year and can be terminated at any time until the annual fee is sent.
  • The contract for the donation/contribution is made by transferring it.
  1. Use of donations
  • The association is in principle entitled to use the donation freely within the framework of the association’s purpose (non-earmarked donations). There are no other conditions or limitations attached to non-earmarked donations. The donation does not confer any right to support certain projects or other claims of the donor.
  • The association is entitled to proceed with earmarked donations in the same way as with non-earmarked donations if there are important and objectively justified reasons for doing so. Examples of such reasons are the discontinuation of projects or programmes or errors in the communication of the purpose of the donation.
  1. Means and methods of payment
  • The association provides the following means of payment:
    • Credit cards: Mastercard, VISA
    • Direct transfer with PostFinance
    • TWINT
    • PayPal
    • Direct payment to account CH5800767000A55450725
  1. Correction of input errors
  • Input errors made when manually entering the amount of the donation must be corrected within seven days of their discovery. The possibility of correcting input errors ends one year after the execution of the donation.
    The correction must be made in writing:
    Circle of Friends of the Charlie Chaplin Museum Foundation
    Rte de Fenil 6
    1804 Corsier-sur-Vevey
    or by e-mail to cercle@chaplinmf.com
  1. Taxes and fees
  • In accordance with current Swiss tax legislation, donations to the association are tax deductible under certain conditions. However, the association does not guarantee the deductibility of donations. A possible absence of deductibility does not give the right to cancel donations that have been made.
  • For donations of CHF 20 or more, the donor receives a donation certificate from the association in January of the following year.
  • If, contrary to expectations, the donation gives rise to taxes or royalties payable by the donor, these taxes and royalties are payable by the donor.
  1. Data protection
    The data required for the operation is stored in accordance with the applicable regulations. You can find more detailed information about the processing of your data on our website www.charliechaplinmuseumfoundation.com
  • The donor has the right at any time to free information, correction, blocking and, if necessary, deletion of his/her stored data.